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Because every Christian needs specific training when they first receive salvation, this site is about supplying Christians from all backgrounds with the Christian foundation training they need to take their authority in Christ and to discover and develop their life purpose. God sees you as righteous because of the shed blood of Jesus Christ. He created you for greatness to become the unique person He designed you to become, a person like no other who can do all things in Christ! (Philippians 4:13).

God Has Great Plans For You – But He Needs Your Attention!


All Christians are brought together and identified as God’s children. We are united without worldly classification and worthy to receive God’s blessings and share them wherever we go. We have been given the strength and ability in Christ to overcome whatever tries to break the Spirit of the living God within us, but not every Christian has been taught how to release this POWER AND LIVE IT TO OVERCOME!  It’s time to become renewed in Christ TO LIVE YOUR MOST FULFILLED LIFE! 

Take The Path Of True Spiritual Growth!

Created For Greatness! By God's Design Study

Your self-help guide to accelerated Christian growth for daily living and spiritual growth that leads to life purpose development.

Self-Help Christian Mentoring Course

Extend Created For Greatness! to the course which offers a more in-depth study with video and answers to your questions.

One-On-One Christian Mentoring

For Christians who find it difficult to grow spiritually, overcome specific problems or are unable to discover their God-given purpose in life.

Free Christian Resource Library

The Renewed Christian Resource Library is available to all. It is designed to enhance the study, the course and mentoring program. Resources added regularly.

Renewed Christian Articles / Blog

God is always there for us when we call upon Him in faith, but don’t wait for an emergency to contact Him. Learn how to communicate with Him now!

Bible Studies By Margaret Lukasik

Each study is based upon the foundation study, You Were Created For Greatness!, however they center upon specific areas of life that many people find difficult. 

Share Your Testimony In Print successfully

Margaret Lukasik has been writing books successfully since 1987. Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine walks authors through the process of selling books successfully.  

Free Video Faith and Prayer Course

Reinforce the principles for faith and prayer for physical, mental and emotional soul wounds. This 4-part series will teach you how to receive what you need, and it’s free!.

The Renewed Christian Newsletter

Keep up with new free resources in the library, get book and blog updates, and short messages to enhance your spiritual growth and life purpose development. 

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Book Synopsis

Watch this quick description of what the Created For Greatness program is about which begins with the study and expands to the course and mentoring program. All by Margaret Lukasik.

Renewed Christian By Margaret Lukasik

Renewed Christian

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SEO For Writers

Share your Christian message, testimony or experiences using the information Margaret shares in her book, Your Ultimate Internet Selling Machine for books and products.

Renewed Christian By Margaret Lukasik

Renewed Christian

You are Renewed in christ!

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