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About Me
Margaret and Jim Lukasik and Grandson, June 2019

Thank you and welcome to my site.  I created it to share the Christian information I had to learn on my own years ago that has always brought victory to myself, my family and anyone who has taken my message to heart as God’s truth and has lived it.  However, the main subject of this site is healing in Christ Jesus which  always begins from the inside out.  

I didn’t have anyone to help me out of the problems I didn’t know how to solve on my own. When a person is isolated, without a strong confidence they can be easily manipulated and even abused.  This is where I needed God’s help, and when I learned what to do I was rescued. But it didn’t happen overnight because I had to first learn how to use the Word to destroy my failure and victim mentality. We are liberated and free in Christ, not victims! We have to see that and live it in order to be free in Christ.  

I’ve experienced healing from sickness, disease, depression and childhood abuse.  My family has been living God’s Word for over thirty-five years to achieve victory over life’s problems.  Nothing is too great for God to overcome with His Word.

Most recently, I experienced God’s protections when falling backward into a busy street.  I was on the sidewalk lifting a sign and it seemed as if a strong, isolated wind pushed me backward.  It was quite freaky really.  I’m 72 years old so I’m careful about my health and cautious of my circumstances. 

I hit my head and back on the pavement hard, yet, I got up and brushed myself off.  A women who witnessed the fall quickly drove to my aid, but I was fine.  My bones could have been shattered or a car could have run over me.  However, I felt a cushion like protection that shielded me from harm.  This took place not long after the picture above was taken.  I’m now almost 73 and I feel great! 

Things can happen, but God has promised us long, healthy lives.  When we learn how to trust in Him, He will never let us down.  And when we’re caught off guard, He’s there making sure that we’re safe and healthy.  This is what I teach in the Renewed Christian Teaching and Healing Center.  We can’t just claim that we’re empowered in Christ, but we must live it in thought, word and actions.


My Personal Motto:

“Live Your Best Life By Living It God’s Way!”


More About Me

I’ve been on the Internet serving the Christian Community since 1999 as a Christian teacher, life coach, book promoter and author sharing with Christians the path to living successfully through Jesus Christ.  At this time, I work through the teaching and healing center.  


About My Christian Background

I was saved when I was 9 years old.  I wanted to serve in church ministry but was never called by God to do so.  Instead I was called to pray over people in difficulty and nations, especially now when there are so many challenges in America.  I believe I was also called to share my message of healing with other Christians for having consistently answered prayer.

I attended Cottonwood School of Ministry with my husband in Southern California. I have an Associate Degree in Christian Studies and a Bachelor Degree in Church Ministry from the Sure Foundation Ministry where I’ve received my pastorate license.  I also have a doctorate in church studies, using my book about dynamic prayer as my thesis.  

My objective was to prove with my life that prayer works when we follow the scriptures and use the appropriate prayers for what we need.  I used my successful results for the healing I received for cancer and for safety and protection.  I proved the successful use of specific scriptural prayer for other life issues as well. 

While I have a pastor’s credentials, I don’t use titles such as “Pastor,” “Reverend” or “Minister.”  I don’t have a church, so I see myself as a Christian layperson helping other Christians learn how to successfully use the Bible to receive victory and freedom over their lives.

I live in Arizona and have been married for over forty-five years.  We have three children and eight grandchildren and have been traveling around the state since we recently moved here.  

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