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About Me
Margaret and Jim Lukasik and Grandson, June 2019


Thank you and welcome to my site.  I created it to share the Christian information I’ve learned to use that always brings me victory.  However, the main subject of this site is healing in Christ Jesus which  always begins from the inside out.

I’ve experienced healing from sickness, disease, depression and childhood abuse.  My family has been living God’s Word for over thirty-five years to achieve victory over life’s problems.  Nothing is too great for God to overcome with His Word.

My best work is the Christian environment or training center for healing that I’ve build on the Internet for my Christian Community that continues to grow.  I visit it myself whenever I can.  It builds accelerated faith for answered prayer and keeps believers in the presence of God.

My Personal Message:

“Live Your Best Life By Living It God’s Way!”


More About Me

I’ve been on the Internet serving the Christian Community since 1999 as a Christian teacher, life coach, book promoter and author sharing with Christians the path to living successfully through Jesus Christ. I’m very thankful for the help of my husband which has allowed me to continue my work with his advice, support and wisdom. 

About My Christian Background

I was saved when I was 9 years old.  I wanted to serve in church ministry but was never called by God to do so.  Instead I was called to pray over people in difficulty and nations, especially now when there are so many challenges in America.  I believe I was also called to share my message of healing with other Christians for having consistently answered prayer.

I attended Cottonwood School of Ministry with my husband in Southern California. I have an Associate Degree in Christian Studies and a Bachelor Degree in Church Ministry from the Sure FoundationMinistry where I’ve received my pastorate license.  While I have a pastor’s credentials, I don’t use titles such as “Pastor,” “Reverend” or “Minister.”  I don’t have a church, so I see myself as a Christian layperson helping other Christians learn how to successfully use the Bible to receive victory and freedom over their lives.

I live in Arizona and have been married for over forty-five years.  We have three children and eight grandchildren and traveling around the state since we recently moved here.  

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