About The Author Of This Site, Margaret Lukasik

About Me
Margaret and Jim Lukasik and Grandson, June 2019

Thank you and welcome to my site.  I created it to share the Christian information I’ve lived and shared with others to grow in Christ and at the same time learn to discover and develop life purpose. Through the process, Christians discover any problems that have been keeping them from their spiritual goals and how to overcome them in Christ.    

About Me

I’ve been on the Internet serving the Christian Community since 1999 as a Christian teacher, life coach and author sharing with Christians the path to living successfully through Jesus Christ.   

About My Christian Background

I was saved at age 9. I attended Cottonwood School of Ministry with my husband in Southern California. I have an Associate Degree in Christian Studies and a Bachelor Degree in Church Ministry from the Sure Foundation Ministry where I’ve received my pastorate license. I’ve also earned my Masters and Doctorate Degrees and ministry license. However, I’ve used the information I’ve learned to more effectively teach Christians how to use God’s Word rather than minister in church leadership. I was called as a Christian layperson to minister outside of the church.


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