My Amazon Book Promotion Experiment Is Not Working Out As Planned!

Amazon Book Promotion Experiment

What I’m Going To Do Now!  

I feel as if I’ve been in a limbo and just got slammed in the head with a stack of books!  I hate to say it, but my Amazon book promotion experiment still isn’t underway.  As I had explained in an earlier post, I’ve been helping authors since 2010 with their book promotion and marketing.  Many of them were new authors with little money who had invested in the purchase of their books. So I decided to learn how to better help them overcome their new author status without having a fan base and starting out with a new book.

The Target Of My Plan

By using myself as an experiment, I wanted to see how quickly an author could ramp up their new book sales with a book that has none to a few reviews, very little money for advertising, and little knowledge of Amazon and how to hold a successful promotion in spite of these difficulties.  I created this website, using my name, in 2 days to see how little time it could take to create the foundation.

I wrote a book that includes what I’ve done over the years to sell books and to help other authors and I submitted it for advertising without any reviews.  I’ve been excited about it and have worked at getting everything ready for the promotion.  I’ve even made book sales without it, but there’s only one problem.

The inexpensive advertising I used never came through.  They were suppose to contact me in a week with the schedule. Nothing.  I waited another week nothing.  I contacted them and it’s another week later and nothing.  No answer and no advertising.  I don’t do business that way so it leaves me with a negative feeling about them.

What I’ve received from them so far are emails to purchase more advertising.  I think my experiment proves that there is no inexpensive advertising to count on.  That’s not what I had wanted to prove. I chose this particular company because they are well-known and have good reviews.  My husband checked them out extensively and compared them against all the others for price and exposure.

My Amazon Book Promotion Experiment Phase 2

I’m not giving up!  Well, I almost did, but my husband convinced me to wait one more week and give them a chance.  I only spend $59.00, but still I could have used that for my next phase of the experiment which is going to cost more.  However, I purchased through PayPal, so I can get it back if they won’t honor a request for a refund.  But I would really love to see what happens with 4 days of their promotion for a new book without reviews.

However, part of my phase 2 is to go to my next level of book promotion because I don’t like my book sitting in limbo at 99 cents.  It’s doesn’t look good.  So next week I’m going to rev up my book campaign and report back here what happened.  I’ll also reveal the name of the promotion company that hasn’t yet performed for me what it said it will do.

If this company could work for new authors it would be a way for them to earn more money for their next promotion so I don’t want to taint them for anyone just yet.  Maybe it’s a time element.  However, they should have mentioned that. They had scheduled my promotion 3 weeks ago.  But if this doesn’t work out, I at least took the risk so that new authors won’t be disappointed and lose money. I’m happy for that.  The book I’m promoting is Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine if you want to keep up with it.

Here’s the book trailer I made aside from all of the other promotional materials I created for it.





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