Will My Amazon Book Promotions Collide With The Presidential Election News and Voting?

Amazon Book Promotions and Special Events

There’s no doubt that I chose one of the worse times to have a book promotion.  As time gets closer to any presidential election, everything centers upon campaigning and voting.  This election will be even more sensational than the last one in 2016, so did I make a big mistake?  I don’t know!  I really don’t.

I could have had everything ready to go a month ago, but I wanted to add more information to my book so that it would be even easier for new authors to follow.  I slowed down my progress and because of it, I may pay a price.  But I’m happy with the changes I made and feel that they were worth the threat of having my promotion short-changed because we’re so close to the election.

If you read my post from yesterday, I said that my Amazon book promotion would take place in October. I believe my promotion will take place in the middle of October, so I should be okay.   Needless to say, I’ll be able to share what happens so that I can warn others that my timing was either bad or good.

My Amazon Book Promotions Spans 5 days.

Since all 5 of my Amazon book promotions will occur during 5 consecutive days, I believe that I’ll do great.  I’ll have the time to capture attention before the promotion and during.  I may lose some sales because of the election, but time will tell.  I can always have another promotion in three months.

However, I don’t know of anyone whose book promotion on Amazon.com was destroyed by a specific event.  If you know the answer, or you know of someone who does, I’d love to hear from you.  You can drop a line in my comment section below.  I’d really love it.  Thanks!


Conclusion:  Although it’s not a test, I’m wondering if the election will stand in the way of my book promotion success.  I’m almost ready, but I need a little more time working on my book description and keywords so that I can choose the best categories.  I’ve also got to spend more time organizing my promotion to insure that I’ll be working harmoniously with Amazon’s book sales algorithms.

I believe that I can do this, but whatever happens, I’ll share here to let you know what happened!  Don’t miss tomorrow’s post.  I’ve got some new regulations for selling books on Amazon.  Don’t worry, it’s all good!


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