Author Planner and Journal

The Author Digital Planner and Journal Makes It Easy To Write A Book and Its Promotion At The Same Time!!

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Margaret Lukasik

“Hi.  I’m almost ready for my Amazon book promotion. I thought I would share my digital author planner and journal that helped me keep my book, keywords, book title, book description, images and other important details in one place.” 

Write and Promote

By Margaret Lukasik

For Fiction and Non-Fiction Books

Author Planners and Journals

The Author Digital Planner and Journal PDF

Dear Author, 

I’m a firm believer that authors should be in control of their sales and book promotions. However, it’s important to know what needs to be done and to do it in a way that will result in success. This is why I created this important author planner and journal for especially new authors, but it’s also recommended for authors who are having problems promoting and selling their books.  

The Writers Digital Journals and Planners

I learned long ago that with my writing or anything I do, it’s imperative to be organized.  Knowing what you need to do and keeping it in order can be the difference between thousands of dollars over hundreds of dollars when it comes to selling books. 

If you want to have a successful book launch and successful book promotions you need to prepare for them by constructing your book, book cover, title, book description, keywords, images, promotion details in a specific order and correctly to easily put together your sales information to get known on the Internet.  There is no one who knows or loves your book more than you do, so while this planner and journal doesn’t instruct, it prompts you to utilize what I teach in the right order for saving time and the results you need.   

The Author Planner and Journal is the perfect daily planner for authors of fiction or non-fiction who are serious about getting continuous book sales. You’ll love the structure and organization provided with planning for the cover, title and subtitle, chapters, characters for fiction writing, description, etc., and journaling for daily and monthly action taking, promotion sites, Amazon description, best keywords, review sources, testimonies, images, advertising sources and more.  I hope you enjoy it!  -Margaret 


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