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Our book services are growing.  As we gain more knowledge about how to succeed with the Algorithms we want to help our clients have the cutting edge when it comes to their book sales.  Did you know that your book title and book description on Amazon can be the difference between continued book sales and only a few? After you’ve gone through friends, family and your subscriber list, how do you get the millions of readers on Amazon to not only love you and whatever you write?

Knowledge is the key factor to success in whatever we do, and the way you use that knowledge.  This is why we created this service.  We’ve been working with authors since 2010.  When they ask what can I do beyond selling my book on book promotion sites, I tell them what to do.  The authors who read what I share with them become successful authors.  Sadly, those who don’t want to follow what works, never experience continued book sales beyond their beginning sales.

You Can Make Writing Books A Lucrative Business!

We all want to make continued book sales right? And we want our books to keep selling, right? Well by doing specific things we can make that happen.  With your book you hold the potential to earn a six figure income or more which means your books can become your business!  Wouldn’t you love to make writing your business?  This means that you can do other things on the side rather than only having time to write when you can fit it into your schedule.

Well the time has never been better to make that dream come true.  However, certain patterns, actions,  algorithms and Internet rules need to be followed.  They’re not difficult, but if you don’t know what they are, they can’t help you.  This is why we created the Book Sales Strategies and Solutions team.  We’re here to help with our twenty-two years of book sales experience so that you too can succeed.

Use The Book Sales and Solutions Strategies To Succeed!

We’re now offering the author services within our book promotion programs to all authors.  We’ve broken them down so that authors can use only the services they need.  Each one offers the strategies needed that others don’t always include in their book promotions.

Our first Solution Is The Kindle File Formatting and Book Description. 

If you don’t know Internet and Amazon SEO, your book probably won’t do well in the bookstore. You need to make your own Kindle file and have control over your account before you begin getting your book reviews.  However, if you do, you can fix that but it’s best to do it correctly from the beginning.

You’ll also need to write a description of your book which much be written a specific way to get on the Amazon Algorithm flow and to insure that you pick the best category and keywords.  If you mess these important elements, you won’t be able to get continued sales on Amazon and your Amazon book promotions will fail.

To give you this power, we’re going to help you write your book description or write it for you and create your Kindle file.  We’ll show you how to easily open your account and submit it yourself so that you can be in charge of your Kindle access and success.  To learn more about this service, go to Kindle File Creation.

Conclusion:  Writing books today has great potential for six or seven figure incomes for anyone. Authors who are willing to write and promote their books within a specific genre and who use specific Internet guidelines will succeed. One of the first paths to success is creating a Kindle ebook account yourself.  When you do, you’ll have the control over your book’s success that you need.  


Your Ultimate Book Selling Machine


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