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Discover your ability to write, promote and get noticed on the Internet all at the same time! Writing your book is the perfect time to position it for greater and continuous sales. Get my FREE Interactive Book Planner and Journal when you purchase Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine on Amazon. Now only 99 cents!

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We’ve been helping new authors sell their books since 2015. Because many new authors don’t know where to begin with their book promotion, we created this free book to help them get started the right way. Once you learn how to create a strong and growing fan base, I’ll show you what you need to do next and where to find the best resources to achieve it. Sign-Up Today! 

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Learn about my Amazon book promotion experiments, announcements for free marketing information, courses and ebooks.  I keep adding free information for new authors to help them sell more books and learn about the promotion process that begins before a book is even written.  Angus is featured in my latest free, short course that’s filled with secrets to help authors sell more books. —-> Go Here

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