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I discuss 3 elements in my book, Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine, that are a must for increasing book sales.  However, in this article I’m only going to discuss keywords which is at the very top of the list for successful book sales strategies. This is also true for all of your book sales projects and promotions. The only way to get seen by the most relevant people for your book is to have the most relevant keywords for your book and book genre.  When you do, the right people will come!  These people will make up  your fan base.

There are different methods to determine the best keyword for your book. I use best sellers to help me do this, and  I’ve  used the keyword tool from SBI that’s amazingly accurate, but today I want to share a tool that everyone can use, and it’s free.  The only problem is that it’s a little complicated to use for the first time.  However, once you get it set up and running, you’re good to go for all of your future keyword searches.  

This is why I’ve included a path for you to follow, However, I’ve taken it from another website (see below), which explains the process very well. I couldn’t do a better job and I believe that you’ll get much benefit from it.  If you read the comments on the page you’ll also learn much. But first I want to explain more about keywords if you don’t have a working understanding about why your book needs them.

Why Authors Need Keywords

Book Sales Strategies

While many authors believe that all they have to do is write their books, they underestimate the power they have in keyword usage when it comes to the promotion of their books.  Keyword use should begin as soon as a book comes to creation with the writing of the first page.

You’ll need to choose keywords for your cover, book description, your back cover blurb, your sales information, social descriptions and the Internet stores where you place your book for sale.  This is especially important when it comes to book promotions.  A great way to find your book’s best keywords is to use the Google Keyword Planner for 2020.  While it’s free to use, the path to get there is a little complicated for many, but once you’re there, it’s worth the effort.  


Keyword Book Sales Strategy Helper

I show the path below to the Google Keyword Planner Tool that appears to be the easiest to use.  I like this tool because it’s helpful to use as you write your book.  If your writing direction shifts, you can easily check to see if your book’s major keywords should change. 

Also I want to give credit to, where I found the instructions below in the comment section of the page. However, the whole article is worth reading and viewing because the site author, Brian Dean, put much work into showing how to use the tool with helpful illustrations. Some people found them a little complicated, so the following was listed as extra help.  

You’ll find the information very comprehensive and relative to Book Sales Strategies even though the information is general for anyone who desires to succeed on the Internet.  As a warning, you’ll have to create a Google AdSense campaign first, but you won’t have to use it or pay for it.  However, when you’re ready, the campaign will already be set up for you or you can make changes. 

How To Open The Google Keyword Planner Tool

1. go to search bar, type “google keyword planner tool”
2. sign in with your google ads account
3. if google is requesting you to make a campaign first, just hit the “back” button several times until you don’t see it anymore.
4. click the tiny blue phrase “switch to expert mode”
5. click the tiny blue phrase “Create an account without a campaign”
6. click the “submit” button
7. click “explore your campaign” button
8. click the wrench icon which says “settings”
9. click “switch to expert mode”
10. confirm by clicking one last time “switch to expert mode”
11. click the wrench icon which says “tools and settings”
12. there ya go, click “keyword planner”

Another Great Book Promotion Tool

The Digital Planner and Journal For Fiction and Non-Fiction Authors

Author Planners and Journals

The Author Planner and Journal is the perfect daily planner for authors of fiction or non-fiction who are serious about getting continuous book sales. 

You’ll love the structure and organization it provides with planning for the cover, title and subtitle, chapters, characters for fiction writing, book description, etc..  It also offers journaling for daily and monthly action taking, promotion sites, your book’s Amazon description, best keywords, review sources, testimonies, images, advertising sources and more.  I hope you enjoy it!  Use Code 20percent for a discount.   


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