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Introducing the Christian Weight Loss  study guide you need for healthy weight loss! The guide teaches how to use Bible principles and specific scripture together for good health and weight loss that creates a strong foundation of Jesus Christ in the process. Written by site author, Margaret Lukasik, it addresses the weight problems you can’t seem to overcome on your own.  She understands the ups and downs of losing weight from dieting, but has since developed a 3-step process based upon scripture that can last a lifetime to consistently live one’s perfect weight. Use it alone or with her Master Training Course which provides an environment for daily inner growth.

God's Word

Learn how to exercise your faith as well as muscles to become strong in Spirit and God's ability!


Putting good health first allows God's Word to work in our lives for healing and a healthy weight loss.

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Step into the life that will give you the confidence to achieve your weight loss goals and keep them!

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LOOK TO god for DAILY victory

Get The Christian Weight Loss Guide Only! If you’re overweight and you’ve lived through a multitude of failed dieting experiences, then it’s time to look to God’s Word. Take charge of your life by taking the authority in Christ you were given the day you were saved. Then allow God’s Word to work in your spirit, soul and body for complete  transformation according to Romans 12:2. If you want to learn more about How To Eat and Lose Weight In Christ, click the button at right.  


Corinthians 6:19-20 says: “Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.” We’re to honor God with our bodies and put Him at the center in our weight loss endeavors to maintain good health first. The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Master Training Course with the How To Eat and Lose Weight In Christ Guide offers a peaceful environment for success with  text, video, audio, meditation, affirmations, and much more. Click the link at right to learn more or see below to join.  

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Take Day One of the Master Training Course and Receive free, Goal Winning In Life Through Christ to help you organize your weight loss goals with the assurance of success! Experience Day 1 of the course with the Holy Spirit Lab, affirmation video for weight loss and worksheet. If you wish to continue, you can click on the link that discounts your order less the trial cost. You’ll promptly gain access to the full benefits of the course.  

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“Hello! Thank you for visiting my site! I welcome you to join the Christian teaching center that combines the weight loss guide and 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Course to keep you motivated for losing weight and to grow in Christ at an accelerated pace. I’ll be available should you need my help.  I want to make sure you succeed.” Margaret Lukasik

A Unique Christian Experience That Empowers!

When you sign up for membership, I hope to get to know you. I've developed an environment of peace and learning by doing based upon specific scripture that teaches and reinforces without stress, depression or discouragement. I believe you're going to fall in love with the process and visit everyday. I'll be adding new resources at no extra cost!

Christian Weight Loss Guide
How To Eat and Lose Weight Plus The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Course

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Pick a plan that best fits your schedule and goals or take Option One which is a One-Day Trial Offer to see if the course is for you.  Get the How To Eat and Lose Weight In Christ Study Guide only or the Study Guide with the 7-Day Christian Growth Course. Together they will quickly guide you to easily achieve even your most challenging goals without using willpower, but instead, the empowerment of God’s Word. You’ll quickly learn how to focus on the right elements to target for your weight loss problems. 


How To Eat and Lose Weight In Christ Guide


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Eat and Lose Weight Guide.

Winning Goals In Christ Guide





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Day 1 Of The 7-Day Course

Winning Goals In...Christ Guide

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How To Eat and Lose Weight GUIDE AND 7-Day COURSE


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7-Day Christian Growth Course​

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Weight Loss Guide / Worksheets

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