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We’re offering free book listings to our authors to encourage them to get their book promotion started.  Even if you’re still writing your book, it’s important to start promoting our book.

There is plenty of room for authors to succeed.  You have every opportunity to get your book or books known, it’s only a matter of what you know.  Once you learn the right information, you’re correctly positioned to put that knowledge into action for success.

About The Free Book Listing

I usually charge for book listings, but for a limited time I’m offering to place your book on my website to help you get your book known.  Your information will be place on my blog.  My posts usually get listed on the first page of the major search engines. Therefore, your book has a great chance of getting known from that one page.  But don’t stop there.

This one listing is to get you started with your book promotion. Contact other sites which will list your book.  You’ll see why this is important to you and your book when you read your free copy of The Secret Book Selling Strategy.  That information teaches how to make use of your free book promotion.  And, at the same time it will prepare you for a successful book promotion on

Everything I offer you for free when you sign-up for my emails works together to make your book promotion stronger and your free listing more powerful. If you learn to work in a strategic way, you’ll see increasing book sales.  As you continue putting all the parts together, you’ll come to a place of phenomenal book sales that continue to grow exponentially.


If you’re waiting for others to bring you a landslide of sales, you’ll be waiting forever.  It’s up to you to get my free tools and put them together in the way I show you to begin making writing books a career rather than a hobby.

Sign up today and you’ll receive my free book listing invitation and my free book, The Secret Book Selling Strategy.  You’ll be able to use them together to help you begin your book promotion the right way. You need a plan or you’ll never make the sales you desire.

Watch the video and use the form inside to sign-up now for your free gifts and to learn the strategies you need in a specific order to become a WRITING SUPERSTAR!


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