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Jesus Christ is still healing today through God’s Word, providing all Christians with the healing they need.  We can be thankful for the medical professionals available to us, but Christians need to know how to receive scriptural healing. 

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Just Keep It Simple!

Christian Healing

Margaret Lukasik

Hi!  I’ve been practicing Christian healing since my early twenties.  My father taught me as a child that we’ve been given the authority in Christ to live in good health and to receive healing when we need it. His life always proved that truth to me so it was natural to accept scriptural healing early in life and to recognize how simple it is. 

   -Margaret Lukasik

I’ve been healed of many illnesses, conditions and even cancer.  In my twenties I trusted God to be healed of a lifelong, childhood condition of asthma and was healed immediately!  I’ve spent my life helping others realize scriptural healing for whatever physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs they have. 

Because people tend to complicate God’s Word, I created the Just Keep It Simple Free Video Faith and Prayer Course in a fun and easy style to help Christians better understand the process.  The video is based upon one of the people I helped to receive healing for severe headaches.  

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Christians don’t realize that they have enough faith to receive healing, but that it’s their lack of knowledge about what faith is that keeps them from healing in Christ.  This is why I created this series to teach what faith is, how it works, how to use it for healing or whatever one needs, and how to successfully pray the prayer of faith.

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