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Authors must prepare their websites before they “open up for business” insuring branding, performance, and functionality before they can expect to monetize. Making money from your site can be achieved in a variety of ways aside from the sale of your books. Learn the many secrets most authors don’t know about or utilize. 

Free Website Monetization Course

My friend Angus shares image secrets in the course that will increase your book sales.

Important Information You Need To Prepare Your Website To Earn Money

Free Website Monetization Course

Learn How To Monetize Your Website!

Your Website Is The Center Of your sales

Your Potential For Success

Few people are aware of the HUGE potential that the Internet represents when it comes to earning money. This is not just an option for those lucky, tech-savvy entrepreneurs; this is something that anyone, especially authors, can begin doing with amazing results. However, with the forced closing of businesses during 2020, many are beginning to see the opportunity out of need and in some cases, survival. The place to begin is with a website. For anyone who wants to make money online, it’s a must! 

Free Website Monetization Course

Does Your Website Need A Check-up? Just Like People, Sites Can Be Sick and Need To Be Diagnosed  

If you’re not making sales, the first place to look is your website. There could be many hidden elements that are missing, or maybe the functions for selling on your website aren’t complete or they’re not working.  This is where a quick check-up is needed.  My free course, Fine Tune Your Website To Sell can help you pinpoint the major problems your site might be having. You’ll find out what’s wrong and then learn to easily fix the problem. 

Once your site is in good health, you’ll be ready to monetize it to earn extra money aside from the sale of your books while you grow your fan base and plan your book promotions.    

As an author selling books online since 1999 and helping other authors promote and market theirs, I can say that writing is not only exciting, but it can easily turn into a lucrative business. It doesn’t matter whether you write fiction or non-fiction, book sales are at a high, especially on Amazon if you learn how to sell your books consistently. This is why I wrote this free website monetization course.  


Free Website Monetization Course

The Free Website Monetization Course


The objective of this short course is not to teach how to create a website, sales funnel or even an attractive landing page, but instead to prepare your website to make money. If you don’t have a website, you need one now as an author. You need a centralized place where your fan base can find you and your latest books.

You also need a place for the best possible fans to communicate with you.  These fans are the most loyal and they’re found on  They’re the Amazon readers who purchase your books.  Therefore, if you invite them at the end of your books to join your subscriber list or community, they will come, but you need a website first!

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