Are You Living God's Plan For Your Life?

If Not, You're Close To Learning How To Begin!

Have You Ever Felt As If You Were Created For Something Amazing, But You Don't Know What It Is Or How To Obtain It?

First You'll Need To Know How To Communicate With God!

LEARN FROM ABRAHAM OF THE OLD TESTAMENT HOW TO achieve money growth God’s Way by applying Biblical principles

Don’t Wait to get started! Take an exciting scriptural journey from the Old Testament to the New and learn God’s strategy for money growth.

Discover, Develop and Deepen God’s special call on your life and Experience Christian Revival.


  needs our full attention, especially when it comes to money.  We can center so much on our financial needs and problems that we forget to look to God and His Word. He is the source of our needs, our money and our purpose.  Learn how to seek God for your financial growth and you’ll discover a new understanding of your relationship with God and your money or debt at the same time. 

God's Financial Plan Is Based 100% On Scripture

Financial Growth Is Part Of Godly Living...

Through kingdom living God has made the condition of life for His children joyful, peaceful and filled with blessings.  Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:25-34 that God will take care of all our needs and wants without our having to experience the constant worry and stress of what the future might bring as many people do.  Sadly, most Christians aren’t living that life.  Are you?  If not, please keep reading even if you’re a new Christian!

You should be living this life today and you can!

Created For God's Purpose
Renewed Christian By Margaret Lukasik

Site Author

Margaret Lukasik

Hi! My name is Margaret Lukasik and I’m the author of this site and The Renewed Christian Money Growth Package.  From my experience, I want to assure you that there is nothing holding you back from financial growth when you look to God’s Word, except for a lack of scriptural knowledge or instruction. 

It took me years to learn what I  include, but you don’t have to wait as long as I did! I created the God’s Strategies For Christian Money Growth study and accompanying bonuses to help you find your way to becoming a financial blessing as you become financially blessed.

My Christian Money Growth Story…

Dear friend, I’m not going to bore you with a long story because this information is not about me but about what God will do in our lives when we learn how to follow His Word, which is His will.

I’ll just share that many years ago my husband and I had insurmountable money problems that had almost cost us our home. 

We were new to the Word, especially for financial growth.  But as we learned how to trust God for money we received the money we needed to keep our home and from that point our money grew.  We began to take dominion over our money so that it no longer has a hold over us.  

The information we learned is everything I’m sharing with you in the Renewed Christian Money Growth Package and even more to give you a well-rounded scope of healing your financial problems.  I’ve also used this same information successfully as a Christian Coach. 


Romans 12:2  “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

Before you pick up a new book to read or watch a movie, prioritize your time for God and give His Word first place for what you need or want, and especially to spend quiet time with Him.  Every moment spent with God is an eternity of His peace for inner joy.  Allow His Word to transform your mind for whatever you need, including money growth, and you’ll soon learn that to be in His presence is worth more than gold! 

This Is Not A Prosperity Message!



God Will Turn Your Financial Problems Into 

Positive Situations As You Trust In Him! 


Get A Fresh Approach To God’s Word For Financial Growth

There has never been a better time than now to realize your financial breakthrough.  It’s going to open the door to God’s best for every area of your life, not just financial. It’s time to learn how to think God’s way for what you want with the right motives and with the Key of the Cross principle that’s going to open the door to Kingdom living!

The Renewed Christian Money Growth Package Includes….

Renewed Christian Money Growth Package

The God’s Financial Plan Workbook To Insure Your Financial Success. 

Christian Money Growth

Know Who You Are Without Money Audio Lesson To Know Your Value Without Money

Renewed Christian Bible Study Series

The God’s Financial Plan Bible Study For Money Growth and Debt Relief.

The God’s Financial Plan Trio All Work Together 

I’ve included with the God’s Financial Plan Study a workbook patterned after the one I created when I began using the same information that took me years to develop because I didn’t have anyone to help me understand money from God’s point of view. Except then, I used large envelopes.  Until that time I was always on the edge of our family’s money. 

I’ve included my audio that will show you the importance of knowing who you are without your money to see yourself as God sees you from the core of your being in order to receive anything from Him in Christ.  All combined, you’ll be able to better organize your personal money goals and achieve them!  Your faith can go from average to “mountain moving” as described in Mark 11:23.  I used this information to grow in faith not only for money growth, but also for debt relief, healing and inner growth.

Renewed Christian Bible Study Series

You Were Created For Greatness – Part 1
By Margaret Lukasik

The essential Christian guide and study teaches a strong foundation of Jesus Christ that will enable you to form a deep connection with God. Learn how to approach Him and receive the guidance you need for life’s problems, life purpose, intersession and living by the power of the Holy Spirit. Become empowered to overcome inner or deep rooted problems that are keeping you from success. This information will change every part of your life including financial to bless you and make you a blessing.

Renewed Christian Bible Study Series

You Were Created For Greatness
By Margaret Lukasik

To Further Your Financial Growth, Solve The Puzzle To Your Most Fulfilled Life. Learn God’s Plan For You. From the first lesson you’ll begin your walk with God and get in line with His plans and purpose for your life right now. No dramatic changes in your life are necessary to begin with God! You’ll discover great opportunities!  

Renewed Christian Money Growth Package

God’s Prosperity Warnings
By Margaret Lukasik

This study gives clarity and balance about the prosperity message based upon scripture which is not the same as many of the televangelists living ridiculously lavish lifestyles. Learn the truth about why Christians should prosper God’s way rather than listening to false doctrines that center upon money over God. 

Special Bonuses!  The Financial Freedom Course I Used To Increase My Money

Renewed Christian Money Growth Package

Financial Freedom Course
By Margaret Lukasik

This fun and exciting short course will help you take control over your money and get out of debt. It gave my husband and I the practical side of money growth that helped us to achieve a speedy debt relief in less than 3 months. We paid off our $6,000 debt from our new business.

Renewed Christian Money Growth Package

101 Powerful Tips To Improve Your Credit Score
Shared By Margaret Lukasik

Take what you need from the many tips you’ll find in this helpful credit score guide. You should find at least a few helpful tips relevant to your situation.  


Isaiah 55:9: “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.”



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