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When a country’s Judeo – Christian ethics are threatened, it’s people can suffer stress and fear. But with a strong foundation of Jesus Christ believers can stand in the gap for peace and God’s will!


1 Timothy 2:2:  For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

For many years of my adult life I’ve started my morning prayer with, “bless those in authority all over the world that we may all live peaceful lives.”  According to 1 Timothy 2:2 we should pray for this to live in peace and freedom to be Godly according to the Word. 

Even peaceful governments can become unstable, so no matter what type of government we live under, we need to pray for our political leaders, and the Bible says to pray for all in authority because where there is a lack of freedom and peace, the people suffer. As a result,  sickness, depression, crime, immoral behavior and other ills can overcome the body and soul.  

Currently there is much unrest in America with claims of racism and name calling when conservatives disagree with the  progressive narrative about abortion, infanticide, borders, the America flag, American values, the US Constitution, Jewish people and Israel, Christianity and many other meaningful issues. 

Criminals are protected over law-abiding citizens and on the news we hear ridiculous contradictions.  For example, liberals claim that anyone against abortion and infanticide is evil and that anyone who owns a gun for protection is evil because guns kill people. It sounds crazy, but take heart, healing a nation of confused and unrighteous thinking and behavior is within our grasp as Christians.  

Isaiah 32:17 says, “And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance (confidence) for ever.”  

Christians are the righteousness of God and we are empowered in Christ to heal nations!  


Healing Nations Of Division

America is experiencing division with dysfunction and disrepect all the way to the office of President.  We see examples of chaotic behavior around us or on the news such as water being thrown on New York police officers with residents laughing. 

We see parents in the city of Chicago teaching their children to be violent to authority figures by giving them bats and pinatas that look like the “Ice Agents” who round up illegal aliens.  This can be disheartening, but these are signs that Christians need to take action. We need to pray for God’s will to be accomplished in our countries to realize victory in Christ.  

Healing Nations By Actions

Prayer for healing nations must include our trust in God that He will do what His Word says it will do.  However, we must live that Word to make it a living reality in our lives.  We can’t expect others to do what we don’t do ourselves.  We must let God’s righteousness begin with each of us and flow into our neighborhoods, communities, states or countries!  

We can’t ask God to change specific people or situations without our willingness to follow Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith to live the Word.

“Christians must pray for their countries and the leaders therein as 1 Timothy 2:2 says. Prayers can change whole nations, and while we wait upon God in faith, we can be at peace, trusting that God is going to get us through and prosper our lives with good health and healing as we live God’s truth.



Emotional turmoil and chaos can cause stress, sickness and disease.  However, we need to look to God for healing while we work with Him for a peaceful environment for all to live. 

We can expect the healing of our nations because God tells us to pray for them and our political leaders so that we can be at peace and live Godly lives.  We can’t be healthy if we don’t have food, money to provide our needs or for the freedom to worship and spend time with God at church or wherever we desire. 

So when Christians look to God for anything, they should insure that they remain strong and in faith by looking to Jesus.  Talk with Him, and give Him your burdens so that you no longer have them.  Trust that God Has answered your prayers for your nation’s leaders by thanking Him for His work on your behalf.  As you do this, you’ll not only keep your health, but you’ll draw nearer to Jesus while you help save or restore your country for the sake of the people in it, and more important, for God’s will to be accomplished.


How To Be Armed For Healing Nations With Scripture Rather Than Name Calling or Progressive Violence and Hatred


Contemporary Conditions Of Hate & Moral Law VS Christians and Holy Scripture is a book that teaches Christians how to peacefully walk in God’s love, yet be prepared with scripture to overcome  progressive deceptions and dialogue that twists the meaning of God’s Word and the truth about salvation.  

We’re in a time where progressives have moved so far left that they favor law-breaking individuals over law-abiding citizens.  They easily speak of abortion, late term abortion and infanticide, rounding it out with hatred of Israel and Jewish people everywhere while calling everyone a racist who doesn’t agree with their ideologies. 

I found this unique book necessary for the current times.  Christians must always be a representative of God’s love, but we must also understand scripture and how to use it to promote God’s truth over society’s lies.  We must bring society up to God’s level, not take it down to the desires of men and women of the world.  Know God’s Word and no one can trick you with false scripture to back false narratives based upon selfish desires rather than what is good for a country or the people in it.

I encourage Christians from all walks of life to read this book.  What’s happening in America is happening all over the world. We all need to back our words and actions with God’s Word and ways.  Just click the button below to order directly from Amazon.com.  

I highly recommend this book because it will bring peace to your heart, mind and soul in a time when Christian values are challenged to look away from God and to man instead.  I gave this book 5 stars because it’s the first book I’ve read that’s relevant in the battle of conservative values over progressive tyranny. 


Credit For The 3 Images Of Jesus above:  www.lumoproject.com  

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