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The Renewed Christian

God Has Great Plans For You!

By Margaret Lukasik

The Renewed Christian

Release All Your Burdens; Christ Already Took Them!

You Were Created For Greatness!



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This Revolutionary Christian self-help guide will lead you to:

Walk through the pages of You Were Created For Greatness and into your most fulfilled life! You’ll quickly discover and develop your unique life purpose and the talents you were given to make it a reality FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!

As Christians grow in their love for the Lord, they realize a deep longing and devotion to serve Him. This book teaches everything you need to know about seeking God’s guidance to live the dreams God put into your heart. This easy-to-follow Christian self-help guide shares how to:

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Living From Salvation To Life Purpose Fulfillment!

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You Were Born For Greatness

You Were Created For Greatness
By Margaret Lukasik

You Were Born For Greatness

No where will you find a study that will quickly free you from whatever unique problems or situations are holding you back from becomeing the living God’s discovering God’s will for your life, developing it and living it to the fullest. Once Christians are saved, they are reborn in Christ and that’s where the similarities end between all believers. Christians come to Christ with different personalities, life experiences, deep-rooted problems and realities. Some or all of what we bring to the altar can keep us from following God’s guidance and understanding the process for Christian transformation accomplished by the Holy Spirit. This study will help you quickly learn the barriers holding you back from living you best and most fulfilling life. 

Be ready to submit to God’s will now because you were created for greatness! This study is designed to successfully help you remove all personal barriers to your spiritual goals. Enter into Jesus Christ’s work on the cross to be led by the Holy Spirit, to pray and receive, and develop a purpose driven life to serve God and share His love, mercy and forgiveness.

Born For Greatness Is For:

Born For Greatness Is For Christian Who:

Christian Stewardship...

Life Purpose Books

Christian Money Growth Package

The Christian Money Growth Package Has Been Changing Lives Since 2007.

Good stewardship is a part of living your life purpose! Learn from Abraham of the Old Testament and Moses how to work with God to appropriate your blessings for personal and spiritual growth. Utilize the Biblical principles that will lead you to God’s financial strategy for financial growth and debt relief.  More.

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You Were Born For Greatness

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The Writers Digital Journals and Planners

The Author Planner and Journal is the perfect daily planner for authors of fiction or non-fiction who are serious about getting continuous book sales.

Powerful Prayer For Nations

Pray That God Heals Nations through the committed prayers of believers and by the power of His Word.

Share God's Word Wherever You Find The Opportunity To Spread The Gospel

The Renewed Christian

God Has Chosen You!

By Margaret Lukasik

While most Christians desire to live God’s plan for their lives, many can only dream about it because they don’t know how to overcome personal barriers to their spiritual goals or pray to God for guidance and receive it. If you feel distant from your dreams, You Were Created For Greatness has been teaching Christians how to live successfully in Christ which leads to the development and training of God’s will. Experience continued growth daily!    Read More —>

Teaching Children About Life Purpose

Leading Your Child To Follow God

The topic of life purpose is important for all adults, but it’s also important to teach your children about the Bible by precept and example. As they learn about God, you can open their hearts and minds to someday living their lives for God and showing them ways in which they can serve him as children.

Of course, we need to be sensitive and kind when teaching children about God and the best way to do that is to love them in Christ by following God’s Word in the way you live your life. Always show love, mercy and compassion with discipline they can understand. More —->



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