How To Eat and Lose Weight In Christ

From The Renewed Christian Series By Margaret Lukasik

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If you’re a Christian and you can’t lose weight, I’ll get right to the point!  God is the answer for your good health and weight loss.  Once you look to God in Christ, you’ll stop walking in circles and attain your weight loss goals by leaning on God’s Word for healing!

Center Upon God

God is the answer for good health and weight loss. In Christ you're empowered to realize well-being, healing and a healthy weight!

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What Not To Expect

"How To Eat and Lose Weight In Christ" is not a diet, a program or a system that requires continuous spending or eating special foods.​


Instead, Make It A Lifestyle Of Christian Growth That Leads To Good Health and Your Perfect Weight!

Christians Cannot Be Racist

From the first lesson you’ll begin the process of losing weight based upon scripture while you transform your spirit, soul and mind at the same time. With God at the center of your actions or goals, you’ll become empowered as you oblige Jesus’ invitation to rest in Him because He already took the burden of your weight and health problems when He died on the cross.

Knowing how to work with Jesus will activate the Holy Spirit in you to make God’s Word come alive for healing, self-control and the desire to cherish your body spiritually. You’ll learn that change and weight loss begin from the inside out out to accomplish your weight and health goals. God’s Word will always do what is was meant to do and it will help you to live healthy rather than living a life of dieting and feeling deprived.

Take the study and you’ll no longer eat to be happy
because you’ll be happy with the food you eat! Food isn’t  your problem, it’s how you look at food with the multitude of up and down emotions that dieting and starvation cause. This type of mindset keeps a person locked in unproductive emotions that take away from the joy of eating. It’s a sad existence that can be healed with scripture, faith and simple actions that work with faith and which take the mind off losing weight, but rather living a healthy lifestyle.

MOST IMPORTANT, THIS IS NOT A TEMPORARY FIX –  IT’S A WAY OF LIFE!  By living God’s Word for weight loss, you’ll learn how to meet your weight loss goals and achieve your perfect weight consistently within a few pounds up or down.  And, you can take what you learn for good health to create a victorious lifestyle over other problems plaguing your life or family.

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learn How To Look To Christ's Work On The Cross For Victory
Because Weight Loss Begins From The Inside Out!

By the blood Of Jesus Christ you are blessed with good health and healing.

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How To Eat and Lose Weight

If you have a weight problem, you’re finally free to enjoy eating knowing that you can work with God to lose weight no matter how busy or overweight you are, and no matter how little you know about the Bible.  The principles you learn will accelerate your Christian growth to attain your weight loss goals and to draw you nearer to God.