Important Keys To Your Book Promotion

Key To Your Book Promotion

How To Get More Sales From Your Free or Purchased Promotions 

If you expect to sell your books consistently on you need to prepare for book promotions timed consecutively.  It take some work, but it’s worth the effort if you want your information, message or story to continue selling.  However, for the best and long-term results it helps to build up a following. 

The best way to do that is to build a website created specifically to get traffic for your book, product or service.  I show how to do that quickly, easily and inexpensively in Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine. You’ll learn how to create a selling machine that attracts a targeted audience that you can turn into your fan base who will purchase what your write.

Four Important Keys To Your Book Promotion

1.  Keep track of all the promotion sites where you’ve either paid for or have obtained free promotion.  Type the site address and your promotion page address on a TXT (text) file and save it in a folder that you can recognize such as Promotions.  These are all important to you because you can contact each site owner or manager when you’re ready to  promote your book on

2. Before you’re ready for your promotion, contact each of the sites where you have your promotion pages or marketing and ask them if they would present your promotion information to their subscribers.  If yes, let them know dates and times, and provide them with your promotion information, and or graphics.

3.  Your promotion on is vital to the longevity of your book or product’s sale’s ranking on  Amazon will work with you and actually do more to promote your book for you if you do the initial promotion work to get sales.  Therefore, it’s important that you have your own website to promote your books.  However, insure that your site is set up to sell, meaning that you must gear your information to your theme for books, products or services.  It’s the only way to rank high on the search engines.  Social networking is good, but it works best when you have a website.

4.  When you submit your book to, make sure that you have your keywords and categories chosen correctly before you launch.  You need to choose high traffic, low competitive keywords and one high ranking category and one medium/low ranking category.  It’s best if you do this yourself.

If you follow the four steps above, you’ll increase your sales as well as your Internet presence in the genre or category of your book, product or service.  Many times these three elements all fall together.  For instance, if you have a service, you then have vital information to write a book with products following that can be helpful to your clients or readers.


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