My Amazon Book Promotion For Non-Fiction Activities Until Day 1

My Amazon Book Promotion

It’s Not A Mystery To Sell Books. It’s Just A Matter Of
Knowing What To Do and Organizing It. 

I’ve been preparing to put my latest book promotion on in October.  I’m almost ready to set my date, but I’m making sure that I jump in at the right time so that I can use the Algorithms in my favor.  I want to share the actions I take because I believe it will help other authors have a successful promotion. 

Did you know that a successful promotion means continuous book sales on Amazon? When I first started using Amazon in 1999 I created my own paperback books.  I really did!  It was a lot of work, but I would get notified that I needed more books and I’d make them up quickly if I was out and then send to 

If they had promotions then, I don’t know, but I do know that they didn’t have Kindle books.  I was stuck in my own little world of making books, promoting them and selling them on my own. I also purchased ads and tripled my money from them. 

My overhead was low working from home, but I never thought to think that it was possible for me to make thousands of dollars from just a Kindle book.  I thought I had to be famous to do that. As it turns out has made it possible for many people over the years to make amazingly high incomes!  The good news is that it’s happening now at an even higher rate for anyone who take the time to write a great book fiction or non-fiction.

More About My Book Promotion For October 2020

The book is non-fiction.  It’s an accumulation of information I’ve used over the years to sell books on the Internet and to help other authors. Most of the information has remained the same, but I’ve included updated information that is important to know. 

While there is much information to learn concerning Amazon promotions, it’s easy to learn and put together. It only need to be organized and read through a few times. My book walks authors through the keyword process so that they can choose the perfect category on Amazon for their books and it teaches how to use the Internet properly.

The book isn’t about how to do a book promotion, but it prepares authors for a promotion to insure success. My next book will walk through an Amazon book promotion after the preparation process. Without knowing how to prepare your book, book title and book description, the Amazon Algorithms can work for you. 

Where I’m At In My Amazon Book Promotion Progress

Right now I’m working on my book description. It’s vital to use the proper keywords and wording.  It’s probably the most important element to consider besides the book title and book cover. My husband is actually helping me with this and he seems to be good at it.  He’s never taken part in any of my promotions or writing. I think he was bored with it, but things are slow with his business, so it’s helpful to have the assistance. 

I haven’t submitted my book yet, but I created my illustrations, which was timely, my book is complete and my file is ready to submit.  So I’m almost ready but still studying the Algorithms.  If you’re ready this, let me know if you’ve ever taken part in an Amazon book promotion. I’d love to hear about it! 

Conclusion:  Check back if you’re interested to learn more about the progress of my book promotion for a non-fiction book. I think you’ll learn from it as I described what I need to do next. The book I’ll be promoting will help authors prepare for a successful and lucrative book promotion.  They’ll also learn how to build a strong foundation to create a targeted fan base who will buy what they write. 

Will talk later.  Hope to hear from you. 



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