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Achieving Success In Christ Jesus
For Daily Living and Life Purpose

by Margaret Lukasik

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Margaret Lukasik

Founder of The Renewed Christian Program – Author Of You Were Created For Greatness!

The Renewed Christian Learning Center offers learning methods that provide an accelerated and clear path for Christian growth and specific learning that leads to life purpose. Many Christians haven’t been taught that it’s not possible to discover and develop life purpose without specific Biblical knowledge that begins with successful Christian living. We all come to Christ with different realities that need to be transformed to God’s Word. This is where the Renewed Christian teaching begins with the book and course titled, You Were Created For Greatness! 

Everyone has the assurance of salvation for all eternity by accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior from the heart. This commitment is made only one time. However, all believers must learn how to follow Christ and center upon Him as  Lord as well as Savior for the rest of their lives. Christians who don’t do this are left confused about how to live their salvation. This is where I had been stuck for many years and it’s the reason I wrote this study. Christians should never feel lost. They should move forward with God as soon as they’re saved.

Margaret Lukasik

The God Created You For Greatness study information has been a working part of my program for many years. It continues to grow in resources and study materials to better meet the needs of Christians at all levels of growth.   

When I completed my ministry courses, I combined the skills I had learned for teaching with my writing skills to create a unique learning situation. It works through the seed principle to insure that Christians experience accelerated spiritual growth as they continue through the pages of the book or within the course structure. The foundation created brings greater clarity for all studies and Christian endeavors.  

Christian Learning Essentials

Christian Communication With God and Empowerment

Targeted Areas of

Training Focus

  • Hear God’s Voice For Daily Living And Life Purpose
  • Achieve The Intimate And Effective Prayer Life You Need
  • Develop Mountain Moving, unconditional Faith
  • Follow The Holy Spirit For Rapid Spiritual Growth
  • Heal From Past Failures, Brokenness Or Trauma
  • Overcome Limiting Thoughts And Behaviors To Succeed
  • Connect With God For A Lasting Relationship With Him
  • Learn Why You Are Worthy To Receive God’s Kingdom Blessings
  • Take Hold Of The Key of David Principle To Remain In Christ and Much More…

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The first part of The Renewed Christian Program is to receive the free resources from the library. You’ll be kept up to date with new information within my newsletter along with announcements for my new releases, dates and speaking venues. The next part is to choose a means of study. Choose the Bible study, course or mentoring program. 

Created For Greatness News

About You Were Created For Greatness!

 All Christians are brought together and identified as God’s children. We are united without worldly classification and worthy to receive God’s blessings and share them wherever we go. We have been given the strength and ability in Him to overcome whatever tries to break the Spirit of the living God within us, but not every Christian has been taught how to release this freedom. Nor have they experienced their blessings and God-given talents to serve Him. If this explains your experience, this information is for you! 


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11


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The second part of The Renewed Christian Program is to read the study. If you need more help, take the course.

Renewed Christian


The book is a short read, about a hundred pages and it’s written to cause changes in you from page to page.  It teaches everything you need to know about living God’s Word daily successfully to living your life purpose. 

My latest book for Christian Growth and Life purpose –

“You Were Created For Greatness”


God Focus, Spiritual Growth
& Life Purpose

Walk through the pages of You Were Created For Greatness and into your most fulfilled life! You’ll quickly learn how to grow spiritually each day. At the same time you’ll gain the Biblical skills to take DOMINION over your life. 

You’ll also learn to use the Key of David principle to overcome problems that have kept you from DISCOVERING AND DEVELOPING the unique talents and abilities you were given to live God’s plan for your life TO HIS GLORY!


Choose The Course or Personal Mentoring:

Enrollment Openings Coming Soon!

10 Day Course Focus

Unlock Your Greatest Potential In Christ Jesus! ​

Spiritual Growth

3 Days

Apply God’s principles to your life for rapid spiritual growth. Connect with God and be ready to hear His voice leading you into the greatness He has planned for you!

Healing The Soul

2 Days

You Were Born For Greatness! provides an identifiable path for Christians to quickly remove whatever obstacles are keeping them from their spiritual goals.

Destiny Development

3 Days

Hear God’s voice to learn His plan for your life and develop it through the guidance you receive by the Holy Spirit. Follow Him and learn how to  live His will. 


Please Read This Book and Get Some REST

"If you are a Christian, take the course to get past struggling. If you are NOT a Christian, read it and realize what it means to be one. Each day is more liberating than the last; please do yourself a favor and take this course regardless of your level of maturity in faith...."
God's Financial Plan
Jacquie Woodward

Essential Christian Basics and Philosophy

"Margaret Lukasik’s 7-Day Christian Growth Course is a must for babes in Christ as well as Christian Leaders. For babes it provides a much needed introduction to essential basics of Christian philosophy and practice. For Christian leaders it provides re-alignment and refocuses the mind on the efficacy and sufficiency of the work the LORD Jesus accomplished on the Cross...."
The Online Renewed Christian Training
Pastor Steve Ashford
Pastor/Author: Marriage 101

A heart changing tool For Christians

"Purchase If you need to really know who you are in Christ. Take this course. Filled with wisdom, truth and practical steps to guide you on the journey with “the secret key to the cross,” an awesome guideline that points you to the heart of the Father, and His heart concerning you...."
Val Newton-Knowles
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Spiritual Growth

All Christians are given the same measure of faith, but it's useless if not used. Awaken your faith daily by learning how to keep in step with the Holy Spirit to enjoy your best life and life purpose.

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mental growth

After salvation Christians must go to the next level in Christ by living their salvation if they desire to walk with Christ daily and also develop an empowered lifestyle through transformation (Romans 12:2).

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There is much to learn from the Bible but the Renewed Christian Learning Center targets where new Christians should begin with God to get started living the Word successfully now!

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