Prayer For Peace and Healing From Having An Abortion

Prayer Concerning The Abortion Blog Post Written by Margaret Lukasik For Women 

I Am Free In Christ Jesus!


“Dear Heavenly Father, I believe that if I ask, I can have peace and healing from the regret I feel from aborting my baby in Christ Jesus.  I didn’t understand the depth of abortion, and in my haste, I took my unborn baby’s life. Now I can’t live with the pain of what I’ve done because I feel much sadness and remorse. 

Please heal me in the Name of Jesus Christ of the reasons or character behind the abortion I initiated and completed that now seem very shallow and selfish.

Please forgive me for aborting my baby and please heal me of the pain and despair I feel as a result. I repent of ever doing this again. Thank you Heavenly Father.  I believe that I have received forgiveness and that I am healed. I will take by faith that I can move forward with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the empowerment I have in Christ to live this reality.

In Jesus’ Name I Pray Amen.”

Learn How To Accerlate Your Healing By Learning How To Receive From God When You Ask For It!

“Hello!  I hope this short lesson and prayer has put you on the path of healing from any struggles you’ve been having that are the result of a past abortion.  If you find that you need more help, I have designed my life-changing 7-day Christian Growth Challenge Course to help Christians heal faster than I did from a difficult childhood that affected me as an adult.  Because I’ve never had an abortion, I can’t know how you feel, but I’ve had many devasting experiences as a result of childhood abuse that left me unable to heal on my own.  Over the years I’ve learned how to accerlate Biblical healing, but I wish I had learned the Bible truths I share in my course much sooner.

This life-changing course will teach you why you deserve to receive the healing you need from God now and how to insure that you keep it.  The study is created for a 7-day challenge for results, but you can take as long as you need. I’ll be there if you need me for extra help! Click here to learn more.”

– Margaret Lukasik

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