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Bible Study Series By Margaret Lukasik

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about Margaret's Bible Study Series

We Are Renewed By The Blood Of Jesus Christ. In Him We Can Do All Things!  

Margaret’s Bible Studies are consistent in their teaching with God’s Word. Created For Greatness By God’s Design is the foundation for the other studies in the series that target specific areas of difficulty for many Christians.  

Renewed Christian Bible Study Series

You Were Created For Greatness is the foundation study for the information and programs on this site. It opens the door for accelerated understanding and learning of God’s Word and enables change to take place within the heart for Christian success.  

Your Healing Or Needs Are Fulfilled In Christ!
In Him You Are A Victorious Christian

The Created For Greatness Series

Created For Greatness

Renewed Christian Bible Studies Series - You Were Created For greatnessEach lesson will develop you in Christ to overcome whatever is keeping you from living the fullness of God’s Word. You Were Created For Greatness leads to life purpose. Part I in the Created For Greatness Series.      More

Part 1

Holy Spirit Living

Renewed Christian Bible Studies Series - Life PurposeLive The Purpose Of Your Passion teaches how to be led by the Holy Spirit to receive direct leadership from God that will keep the  momentum of His purpose alive with the unction or anointing to always assure you that you are in God’s will ( 1 John 2:20)More …

Part 2

Lose Weight In Christ

Renewed Christian Bible Study Series, Eat and Lost Weight In Christ - Victorious Christian Living SeriesLearn how to look to God for weight loss and allow Him to heal your spirit, mind and body of the problems keeping you in a state of overeating. Attain your best health and weight rather than starving yourself with un healthy eating or dieting.  More

Part 3

Prayer Breakthrough

The Renewed Christian Bible Studies SeriesAll Christians can develop great faith for answered prayer! Learn different forms of prayer and how and why to use each. Learning specific prayer and faith principles is the key to answered prayer, life purpose and Christian service.  More

Part 4

God's Financial Plan

Renewed Christian Bible Study Series - God's Financial PlanGod’s Word can free you from the worry of debt and financial lack. This study takes the reader on an exciting journey that leads to a new understanding about money that will increase what you have while you decrease debt. More

Part 5

God's Warning!

Gd's Thoughts Bible Study - Renewed Christian Bible Study SeriesStop doubting yourself and heed God’s warning! Allow scripture to cultivate your mind with God’s wisdom and knowledge to outsmart the people who seek to deceive and destroy you. You are the victor in Christ Jesus! COMING SOON.   More…

Part 6

God's Triune Nature

The Triune Nature Of God Study - Victorious Christian Living SeriesUnderstand the oneness of God and the difference between God The Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Knowing this information is vital to to successfully work with God for daily living and ministry.  More …

Part 7

Life Of Salvation

How To Quit Smoking Using ScriptureLet God redesign your life! Make Jesus your Lord and follow Him into Godly living which yields a victorious life in Christ. Discover how easy it is to live victoriously than it is to live in continuous failure, defeat or depression.  More

Part 8

Business God's Way

Doing Business God's Way - Victorious Christian Living SeriesUse scripture as a guide for success in business, career or ministry by using God’s business strategy for success and for further business development. Balance God, family and work for peace and fulfillment! More …

Part 9

Other Books By Margaret Lukasik

Goal Winning In Christ

Goal Winning In Life - Victorious Christian Living SeriesGod’s empowerment plus practical knowledge is the combination you need to attain the difficult goals you can’t achieve on your own.  Let Margaret Lukasik walk you through this unique and easy process to realize your goals. More

Goal Empowerment

Your Christian Message

How To Unlock Your Book Or Product Sales - Victorious Christian Living SeriesQuickly get your Christian product, message or information known on the Internet.  You’ll learn from Margaret’s 25 years of web creation how to easily create a successful Christian site to bring you free relevant traffic. More

For Ministry or Business

Prosperity Warnings

God's Prosperity Message - Victorious Christian Living SeriesThis study keep believers in God’s wisdom to avoid deception by many of the most popular “prosperity preachers” who teach Christians to center upon money rather than on God first. Avoid being deceived and scammed. More

God's Financial Wisdom

If You're Praying For Your Financial Breakthrough but nothing is happening, look to God.

It may seem as if you’ve been waiting a lifetime while you go from pay check to pay check, but that’s not how our Heavenly Father wants you to live.  This is why He has given us His “handbook for living,” the Bible, which gives believers principles to release God’s kingdom blessings, including financial, for money growth and debt relief. THIS IS WHY I’M INTRODUCING

The Christian Money Growth Package


Discover God's Way To Become Financially Fit In Christ For The Sake of God's Kingdom!​

Financial Difficulty Isn't Always About Money, But Our Relationship With God...

Renewed Christian Bible Study Series

Many Christians are struggling with their money, especially now. However, most churches don’t teach that God does provide financially for His children, especially when combined with good stewardship. The is why I created this package that has been helping Christians for many years release their Kingdom of God blessings.

It includes the God’s Financial Plan Guide for Christian money growth, The interactive prayer and spiritual growth workbook to accelerated your progress and the God’s Wealth Plan Audio. For the practical side I’ve included the  101 Powerful Tips To Legally Change Your Credit Score and the Financial Freedom Course that I used with God’s Word to get out of debt.  If you’re seeking to be financial free, this package is for you. I’ve also included some surprises!

– Margaret Lukasik

Learn From Abraham Of The Old Testament How To Become a great steward Of your money

Take an exciting scriptural journey from the Old Testament to the New and learn God’s strategy for money growth.

God needs our full attention, especially when it comes to money.  We can center so much on our financial needs and problems that we forget to look to God and His Word by centering on Him first in all things. He is the source of our needs, our money and our purpose.  Learn how to seek God for your financial growth and you’ll discover a new understanding of your relationship with God and your money or debt. 

Get the complete kit that combines God’s Word for financial growth, debt relief and life purpose with practical knowledge that will help you take control over your money.  It’s been helping people all over the world for over twelve years. GET INTO THE PRESENCE OF GOD TODAY CONCERNING YOUR MONEY FOR  A LASTING AND DEEP RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM.  Click Here to learn more and to view the contents, or click below to buy now.

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