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Margaret Lukasik

Founder of The Renewed Christian Program – Author Of Created For Greatness! By God’s Design.

I created the Renewed Christian Created For Greatness Library to enhance my life-changing study, You Were Created For Greatness and the course. However, I’m making it available to everyone to help grow their profession of faith for successful Christian living and life purpose discovery and development.  This dynamic self-help Christian growth program provides Biblical answers for living in today’s world.  Just sign-up and you’ll receive the link to get started with the growing list of resources. 

Renewed Christian Bible Study Series

The Library enhances my book, Created For Greatness! (not included) or whatever Bible study you’re involved in currently to help you make what you learn come alive in your life.  Begin now practicing the good news of Jesus Christ that never changes, even in a changing world!

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It’s easy to navigate throughout the page for watching, listening or downloading. I add new information on a regular basis. I created it to help the readers of my book, Created For Greatness!, but I welcome my subscribers to use it as often as they like. The more you listen to the audios and speak along with the videos the greater your faith profession (what you faith looks like). Sign Up and get instant access once you confirm your email address. 

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About "Created For Greatness!" By God's Design

The Created For Greatness Study

Created For Greatness – Part 1 for Christian growth that leads to life purpose –

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God Focused, Spiritual Growth
& Life Purpose

Walk through the pages of Created For Greatness! By God’s Design and into your most fulfilled life! You’ll quickly learn how to grow spiritually each day.  You’ll also learn to use the Key of David principle to overcome problems that have kept you from DISCOVERING AND DEVELOPING the unique talents and abilities you were given to live God’s plan for your life TO HIS GLORY!