Experience Greatness By God's Design!

Christian Training for all believers to grow spiritually in Christ, to break the barriers to spiritual growth through mental, emotional and physical healing ,and for life purpose because God has a specific plan for each of us.  Choose the learning type that works best for you. 

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If You're A Believer In Christ, Then You've Already Received What You Need For Life and Life Purpose!

It only needs to be released!

Why Christians Need This Training

Many Christian aren’t taught how to live successfully in Christ, and sadly are left at the alter to fend for themselves once they’re saved.  Because they aren’t taught how to live there lives through Him, many fall back into failure and the ways of the world believing that God let them down. But that can’t be farther from the truth. Blessings abount when you know how to trust God.

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Enjoy convenient Bible Study Training in ebook form. Read from your computer, phone or tablet. More >

Listen to the study from your favorite device whevever you are! The audio book is a conveniet way to act on what you learn.  More >

The interactive course includes all forms of learning, text, PDF, video and audio all from one convenient module.  More >

Mentoring by Margaret Lukasik creates an accelerated path for successfully accomplishing spiritual and life goals in Christ. More >

What We're About

The 3 Areas Of Growth Covered

Spiritual Growth

 All Christians must live their lives through Christ and learn how to receive God’s blessings. Learn the accelerated path to spiritual growth that will help you connect with God for what you need.

Scriptural Healing

Learn to successfully remove all personal barriers to your spiritual goals by entering into Jesus Christ’s work on the cross.  Be led by the Holy Spirit to pray and receive, and to develop a purpose driven life.

Life Purpose

 Armed with spiritual growth and healing from all barriers to spiritual growth, you can receive the guidance you need to receive, develop and live the special life purpose God has for you alone.

Share Your Christian Growth

Share Your Christian Experience By Writing Christian Information

Share God’s Word from your own Christian success stories or share the difficulties God helped you overcome. Maybe you have an inpsired fiction story you’d like to share.  Whatever genre of writing you enjoy, there is an audience waiting to hear from you.

  Today it’s easier than ever to write, but there are strategies for getting the community of readers you need.  They are there, but there are specific ways of helping them find you. If you’re interested, we’ve got the formula you need to get started without spending a dime if you’re on a budget. 

Read Margaret's Latests Posts

Her blog offers answers to the most popular questions that Christians and nonbelievers have today for using God’s Word successfully against the many forces that are too intense to handle without the wisdom of God’s Word (the Bible).

If you have questions that need practical answers based on scripture, send them to info@margaretlukasik.com. Margaret will cover it in a blog post and notify you.