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The Result Of My Promotion Experiment

"It took longer than I thought, but my book Category and Keyword experiment on Amazon Succeeded beyond my expectation!


My Successful Book Marketing Strategy For Keywords and Categories

My New Author Experiment In Review

Since I started this website, I began working on a new book and an experiment which I’ll layout here rather than referring to past blog posts.  I created this website to help new authors succeed with Amazon book sales through regular Amazon book promotions using its algorisms.

Although I’ve been selling my books since 1987, my plan for this site is to go through book marketing as a new author would.  I want to show authors that following my blueprint given in Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine does work and it works for anyone willing to apply my information. As they do, they will create a book selling machine.  I’ve included much of that information within my blog posts if you follow them. 

Besides focusing upon a new book genre, I created this new website, which was ranked right away on Alexa at around 5,000,000.  It moves up and down from that position from time to time. Almost all of my pages and blog posts get listed on Google, Bing and Yahoo on the first page, many at the top of the page as I make regular blog posts using my method of page and post SEO.  Below is today’s Alexa ranking.

Successful Book Marketing Strategy

Phase One Of My Successful Book Marketing Strategy

There is a method to selling books on Amazon continuously if you follow a specific blueprint that guarantees success. I just completed Phase I of that plan which details the importance of categories and keywords which should be considered before an author even begins writing their book. 

The plan took a longer time than expected because I wanted to see how a book with no reviews would work within the Amazon system. To do this I had to find a promotion that would promote my book on Amazon without reviews.  In the process I did get one review, but at the time I purchased the promotion I didn’t have any (about $60.00).

Something went wrong because nothing happened with my promotion. I think the company had forgotten about me, so I wrote to them numerous times without receiving an answer.  This went on for about a month. I thought that perhaps I had been scammed, but the reviews had been positive for this particular company.  I never received an answer, but two weeks later they began my book promotion that lasted for two weeks.  As a result, my book made the #1 New Release in the category of Business Encyclopedias.  

Since they came through for me, I can share them as a great source for new authors.  The company is Choosy Bookworm.  However, I have a warning.  Most of the books they promote seem to be novels which weren’t a good mix for my book on their new book features list.  However, under the circumstances they did come through for me.  

If You Follow My Successful Book Marketing Experiment!

It’s important to note that my experiment is not helping my book because I should have continued with my promotion. So don’t follow my lead on this unless you’re only testing your categories and keywords and plan on a full promotion at a future date. 

It’s not good with Amazon to have a trickle of sales and then nothing, but I plan to use my next step, Phase 2, to get more reviews and then have a relaunch with a full-blown promotion done according to a specific formula for success.  That’s the plan to follow if you need continuous book sales. So while I’m preparing for that, here’s a look at my #1 new release that lasted for a few days.  

Successful Book Marketing Strategy

Categories and keywords

The crux of Phase 1 of my experiment was to test how using the best categories and keywords would pull the weight for a new book without reviews.  I believe under the limited circumstances given, I proved that authors need to do research and give their books the best categories and keywords for the Amazon algorisms.  

I’ve recently learned that many books aren’t selling because of the wrong categories and keywords used, but many authors don’t pay attention.  I hope this experiment will help at least one author understand what I’m trying to share. I’m not making any money off of this blog post, so I’m not sharing this to take your money, I only want you to succeed at what you love doing! 

Successful Book Marketing Strategy Conclusion

While I didn’t make the Amazon Best Seller List (I never expected to),  I did prove that my keywords and categories pulled their weight under limited circumstances. While my No. 1 New Release status lasted less than a week, I accomplished my goal of selling books with only one paid promotion and only one book review.  Please keep up with my experiment.  I’m moving forward into the New Year with Phase 2 which is to prove that my test for the categories and Keywords I used will be an even greater success for continued sales for a new book. 

My message to all authors is to give your book’s keywords and categories in Amazon a second look if your books aren’t selling. Test them. If they do well, you may be ready for the best Amazon book promotion you’ve ever had.  Right now I’m working at getting more reviews. Click here for my Amazon page to check it out periodically.  

Check out Choosy Bookworm’s free promotion. I’m not an affiliate. I just want to share my sources as I use them.  Much success in your category and keyword research.  Go to my blog post about keywords to learn how to research them.  Choose better categories by checking out best selling books in your genre on Go to their book sales status on their sales page.

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