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Margaret Lukasik

The author of The Secret Book Selling Strategy, Margaret Lukasik, has been selling her books and book series since 1987 in different genres which range from art and crafts to Christian growth and book promotion. In 2010 she began helping authors sell their books on her book promotion sites.  Since 2015 she has published book promotion information and has written articles to help authors realize the active role they must take to sell their books and to boost the promotions of their books on other sites.  

She has made the process of selling books easy for authors to understand and accomplish by breaking down the information in an easy to understand format.  She is now making some of the most important marketing information available to authors for free by entering your email address below.  You’ll also receive notices of other free information and stuff I give away.


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Gary Milner, Author / Speaker
Author / Speaker
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Robert Stephson

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