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If you’ve written a book and you’re planning to have an book promotion, I’ve included an book promotion checklist to help you get started and organized. Did you know that even if you’ve already published a book on Amazon and it didn’t do well you can still have a promotion. After three months you can have another promotion or you can promote another book. Don’t let a good opportunity pass you by if you already have a book that’s published.

While writing my book, I prepared for my promotion.  I’ve just completed it.  So it goes without saying that you need a completed book.  But then what?  If you want to have a successful book promotion that keeps selling books, you’ll need to follow my list.  It may seem overwhelming at first, but it’s worth the time and effort.  And it’s really easy if you know what to do.  Anyone can do it!  Really!

But first, download my free ebook, because it will help you prepare your website for your promotion and the new following you get from your Amazon promotion who will be ready to purchase from you again.  AS AN AUTHOR, YOU NEED A WEBSITE!

My Amazon Book Promotion Checklist

Organize your to do list.  Place all of your digital graphics, including your logo in a file located in document folder and also save on the cloud or thumb drive to keep your files safe and to reuse them for another promotion or to get on the USA today Best Seller list.  It’s important to keep your files safe.   

While writing your book: 

  1. Gather a list of promotion sites that are 100% relative to your book.
  2. Write in the comment sections on their sites about specific posts relative to your website or book or
  3. Ask to post on a site relative to your site that has a good following
  4. Ask for a listing on a promotion site
  5. Create or have a sales page created
  6. Continue to grow your targeted community or fan base and make sure that your landing page is working to get Amazon subscribers during your 4 day promotion.
  7. Prepare your graphics such as the mock-up of your book, your sales letter graphics, testimony images or any digital posters needed for your social networks.
  8. Create a good quality cover or have it created for you.  Use a graphic program or PowerPoint to create a cover that stands out and is relative to your book or use a service such as Fiver.
  9. Create files for the book versions you’ll be using. Save them until it’s time to submit to Amazon.  Right now, (September, 09, 2020) books are doing so well that Amazon is backlogged for two weeks on paperback.
  10. Work on a good keyword title for your book if you haven’t completed your book yet.  You can override this if your book has already been completed with a good description using keywords that best describe your book.
  11. Keep in touch with every promotion site involved in your promotion.  Let them know the days you’ll need them to broadcast your your promotion to their subscribers.
  12. Prepare your website with your landing page and sales letter.  Websites are important for creating your fan base.  Keep it relevant to your book theme.
  13. Write blog announcements about your promotion pricing, free books or bonuses if any.
  14. Notify your social networks of your promotion days.

Stay tuned for my total promotion and I’ll show you how to get your promotion set up to succeed.


You can have a book promotion on Amazon for newly written books or books you’ve already written or published.  Use the steps above to help you get organized and to insure your success.  Each one is important. If  you don’t know how to create a landing page or a sales page, my new book, Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine shows how to do it to get your pages known and to develop your fan base.

Are you involved in a book promotion?  Let me know how it goes!


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