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The Secret Book Selling StrategyToday I heard from an author who expected to get all of his book sales off of one out of two reviews he received for his book on  That review was the 5 star review I gave him this year in 2020.  The other review he had was from 2014.  He was very disappointed and wanted to let me know that I had let him down.

If you don’t understand that this particular author’s expectations were unrealistic, then you need to get my free book, The Secret Book Selling Strategy.  After I read his email and again sent him all of the information that I shared with him before giving him a review, I wrote this post to keep other authors from having the same mindset.  I’m determined to educate all authors about the need for self-promotion.  Books don’t become bestsellers off of one review.

This truth has to be told to authors! They have an obligation to themselves and their books to become actively involved in their book promotion.  This is especially true today with so many people turning to the Internet because of losing businesses or employment.  There is much competition, but a breakthrough is guaranteed by using the right strategies.


The Secret Book Selling Strategy will help you get the specific buyers you need to purchase your books and to prepare for a lucrative book promotion on  It’s a condensed version of my latest book which I’ll be promoting on in a few weeks.

However, you don’t have to wait for it to be released! Download my condensed version to begin now and when the complete guide is ready you can purchase it for only 99 cents if you’re one of my subscribers.  It expands on the information in the free version with easy to understand strategic instructions all authors need to overcome the current competition.


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Here’s how to get it free and to learn more about what it can do for your book sales. Go to my information page now and download your copy.  It will stop you from believing that paying for book promotion and advertising is all you need to do.  The process is so easy that all authors can follow it and begin getting more sales.


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