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Emphasizing Good Health, weight loss can and Should be realized within the course of eating. 

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Don’t Think About Weight Loss First, Think About Eating

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Relax back from the comfort of your recliner or deck chair, have a cool drink and take your mind off dieting and losing weight. You’re about to learn something exciting about food and the Bible. 

Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit so we need to keep them in good health.  It just makes sense!  Since the Bible is our instruction book for life, it’s also true that God include instructions for a healthy soul, strong mental ability and spiritual and physical health.  When we follow God’s instructions for eating specifially we can attain our perfect body weight to enjoy good health and whatever healing it brings.

Ideal weight is different for all people depending upon height, bone structure, age and any issues a person may have that effects weight.  For example, I recently hurt my back when I fell backward into the street, and as a result, while I was healing, I wasn’t able to enjoy any form of movement, which at my age, caused me to gain weight.   

There are also seasons of a person’s weight that may cause a person to weight more than at another time period.  If we concentrate on following the Bible, we can insure a healthy weight that gives energy and also makes us look our best. God didn’t create men or women as cookie-cutter clones of each other, so it’s important to embrace the gift of uniqueness we’ve all been given in all areas of life including our bodies. 

Weight loss healthNow that I’m older, I feel it necessary to be at a specific weight within a few pounds up or down to feel healthy.  This weight is more than I weighed when I was younger, but I’m happy with it and feel great. Currently, (see picture at right from my June 2019 on my 72 birthday), I’m 145 pounds which is 15 pounds more than the desired weight I enjoy for my age and height (5′ 2″) because of my accident.  

As you can see, I’m not skinny, I’m slightly overweight because of my fall, but besides good health, believers also have healing in Christ.  Thankfully I was healed quickly in Christ.  At my age I could have suffered a broken hip or multiple broken bones or I could have had a head injury. I could have been run over by the cars in the street, but when we take our authority in Christ we are always able to overcome.  

Weight Loss Health Is Scriptural 

I hope that my message is clear.  It‘s all about health with God and everything else falls into place.  When we claim good health, it follows us everywhere.  Looking to weight loss only leaves us with desire to be thin at all costs and we lose out on God’s complete package of good health, healing, and weight loss health.  Scripture directs us into a clear mind-set of good health which actually empowers us to work with God for our weight loss needs.

By getting scripture into our hearts for what we need keeps our minds centered upon Him when we commit to weight loss health which puts good health first. There’s no room to focus upon other people’s bodies and compare ours to theirs. For example, some people are much thinner than I am now who are my age, but they’re just as healthy. However, we’re all different.  We should never try to be like someone else because our bodies have different DNA.  

God never asks His people to do something that isn’t attainable, so He offers instructions for eating in a way that brings a healthy weight.  He also instructs us how to live daily to keep our bodies free of harmful food, drink and activities.  

You can be assured that God’s Word will do what it says because God tells us that it will.  We either believe God or we call Him a liar!  If you can’t believe God, then you can’t have faith for His blessings.  I choose to believe Him.  

Isaiah 55:11(KJV)

11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

Following God’s Word is following Jesus. It’s an easy and exciting  path to follow because it means that God’s Word will do what it says for what you need!  So, if you believe that weight loss health won’t result in the weight loss you need, then you either don’t believe God or you don’t wish to follow Jesus. 

There are many reasons for gaining weight, but the most prominate reason is eating more food than our bodies need. We can ask why we eat too much food, but the question to ask first is if you’re willing to commit to God’s Word and trust that He will help you lose weight when all the diet’s you’ve tried haven’t.  

On our own, it can be difficult, if not impossible to cut back on a lifetime of overeating and bad eating. But God can do anything!  

Philippians 4:13(NKJV)

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

With an attitude to trust God for change, one only has to step beyond their comfort zone to walk with Jesus and receive healthy weight loss in Him.  You don’t need to remain in your past discouragement of the dieting cycle any longer.  You can leave the past and walk into the present with a combination of God’s Word, common sense and a little knowledge and wisdom I share in “How To Eat and Lose Weight In Christ” (see below).


Attain Peace To Overcome Past ObstaclesWeight Loss Health

How To Prepare For Weight Loss Health

  • Relax and do a happy dance.  Because of God’s truth, your life isn’t defined by your successes only, but also from your past mistakes that God will use to prosper your life if you let Him. People can be so strict with themselves, maybe even more so than with the mistakes of others.  But God can work with your mistakes to teach you lessons, you may not learn otherwise.  So, Stop beating yourself up from the inside because it’s going to affect you on the outside. 
  • Ask yourself the question, “what do many people do when they feel discouraged about their weight?” The answer is that many times they eat too much food to help them feel better, sometimes dairy foods such as ice cream in large quantities.  I can certainly identify with that activity!  Negativity is self-defeating.  We shouldn’t eat food to make us happy or as a temporary fix for depression.  It’s only going to bring sadness. If you must eat ice cream, do it according to God’s Word and enjoy it rather than allowing it to make you feel more discouraged! 
  • Take the time to practice eating God’s way and look to God’s Word to keep your body a healthy and clean vessel to house the Holy Spirit.  


Overcome Past Obstacles By Forming Successful Habits

You can attain your best weight and best shape for the rest of your life with the Christian Weight Loss Project. It’s going to teach you healthy eating habits that will keep you from discouragement and help you to treat yourself with kindness and forgiveness. By considering weight loss health over losing weight until you’re unhealthy, you’ll enjoy eating, rather than fearing food. 

You’ll learn how to forgive yourself and move forward with God to accomplish your weight loss goals while you draw nearer to God and His love for you at the same time. 

You Were Created To Have Victory and Success

It’s time to get out of the cycle of continued “weight-loss and weight gain” to a life of enjoyment and healthy living without giving up the enjoyment of eating! 

How To Eat and Lose Weight In Christ reveals why even healthy eating programs can only work short-term unless you apply the specific principles given in this easy to follow and use weight loss guide based upon scripture. 

The Bible holds the key to making your weight loss efforts a success.  Get in line with God’s word to lose weight and keep it off.   Click here to order with the following 50% discount.  OFF50PERCENT



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