Writing Book Sales Letters and Landing Pages For My Amazon Book Promotion

Writing Book Sales Letters

I haven’t posted in some time about my Amazon book promotion.  I’m late with the process.  I took longer with this book (see below) to prepare and am now past my deadline so I moved it forward for two week from now.  Things can happen but this was actually because I didn’t like what I had for my thank you gifts.  Therefore I needed to write these changes into my sales letters and landing page.

Writing Book Sales LettersIt was important that I give away something that is really useful and will produce more book sales on a large scale once the information from Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine is applied which is the book I’m using for my current promotion.  I decided to share the book selling strategy that has made me the most money over the years.

This meant writing a new book during my promotion process, so it slowed me down.  However, when I was finished writing that book, I wasn’t satisfied.  I’ve never had a book promotion before for book marketing.  I’ve been selling books since 1987.  My first year on the Internet was January of 1999, but they weren’t books about marketing.

I’ve studied marketing on the Internet and learned how to sell specifically for books and services. But what authors have to understand is that if you’re new to a given category and keyword on Amazon, then you need to lower your book price and offer more than only one book to build trust and identity.  It’s a way of saying thank you for giving me this opportunity to sell my book to you.

Getting Trust For More Book Sales

While it’s true that I’ve been helping other authors with their book marketing since 2010, people have to trust me on Amazon and get to know that what I say is true. This is why I decided to create another very special gift that will work with the other two books.

It’s a Digital Planner and Journal for authors that walks them through the process of writing their books while promoting them at the same time! It’s a great resource for all authors and this way I can better return the favor for anyone who trusts me by purchasing my new book.

The Fast Book Sales Strategy helps authors make more sales by using a special technique that sparks visitors to purchase.  I have used this technique for many years, however, the big marketers use it as well.

Writing Book Sales Letters

Because of my new gifts, I had to rewrite my sales letter to make sure that anyone who visits my website will see that I’m offering these two free gifts.  Then I added a link in my kindle book that leads to a landing page I created to receive the free books.

So there was much time spent making these changes and writing a new book and planner.  However, I feel the time spent was worth the effort!

I also created two short book trailers for Internet placement as a test to see which video or location does the best.  The video below is my second video.  I believe it’s done.  I’ve changed the timing a few times.  I like this one the best.  It moves a little faster to keep people’s attention.

Now it’s time to finish writing my book sales letters and group my files together.  Talk soon!

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